Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Reality check....

Really no need for one.

Yep I walked back right into "my life", just as I left. No warming up when you are a Mom. You are simply thrown into the depths of "it".

Today I take the "toddlers" in for flu shots.

Pink Ninja, seems ok with the idea of going to the Dr.

I had to warn "Dash" about said shots. He is not a fan of surprises.

Me: We have to go to the Dr. this morning.

Dash: I am not sick.

Me: We "all" need to get shots so we do not get sick.

Dash: That doesn't make sense, I am not sick. I am not going.

-----so I imagine there will be a good deal of kicking, screaming, and crying going on. And then I will have to deal with the kids.

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