Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Good Wives

Well it appears we will all be busy watching television tomorrow. Hell On Heels will be featured in a Press Conference on Capitol Hill, on mil-blogging. Go Andi! I cannot think of a more determined or caring person for this mission. Please go over and wish her well, and tune in. The conference is EST 9:45am.

Another mil-blogger will also be on the television tomorrow. The One and Only (Founder of Valour IT) Chuck Z's wife Carren. Carren blogs by proxy when it is necessary. Chuck is currently undergoing and recovering procedures in Walter Reed. Carren will be on MSNBC at 12:30pm EST. She will be discussing Valour IT. So spread the word folks, and the links....the money is needed.

Also, go wish these women well, say a prayer tonight. They really are GREAT EXAMPLES of what strength and decorum are all about.

*Curtsey* Mr. Blackfive

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