Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturdays are like that

"Get your feet out of your Sister's hair".

Yeah, I know, I said that this morning.

Husband returning from a friends Ranger School graduation in Georgia. They will depart soon after for a gun show here in town.


Proud of you.

I have a Lt. Col, a Ranger Grad, and Dear Husband for dinner. All Veterans...

Proud of them.

List of things to do.

Remind husband we have NO more money for guns or ammo.

Put some damn makeup on

Get kids out of Pjamas

Get me out of Pjamas

Run to the Meat Market

Make a salad


Clean bathroom

Take kids OUT of my house, before they destroy my hard work.

Put some hanging laundry in closet

Take out trash

Empty dishwasher

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