Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Captain Caveman

3 days of Romance until Dear Husband retreats the the comfort of the woods.

It is deer season , and since Dear Husband was off hunting terrorists last deer season, he missed it. He has been looking forward to this deer season like no other. So he is packing and preparing nightly for the ritual. Although he did tell me yesturday, it "seems like it should be months away". Perhaps the 83 degree temperatures, are not exactly condusive to a yankee boys hunting instinct.

So go forward and enjoy the hunt, and the new deer lease, and the guys at deer camp, cooking like cavemen, and howling at the moon.

I will be a "deer camp widow" for a few days. Time to break out the chocolate, chick flicks, a nice bottle of wine, and some bubble bath.

Seems though I am not alone. There are more of us.

So Dear Husband, have fun, and enjoy.........

Oh, and that bear you saw 2 visits ago, shoot first and ask questions later.

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