Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vegas Interrupted

I have had Vegas on the brain, bad. I spent last night dreaming about Vegas. (I will add here, by saying I am not a gambler) However I am surprised at my "company" in the dream. I was with a group of Red Hat Society ladies. They all were in their purple and red costumes. I was also "traveling with" them, on some sort of bus tour.

The other surprise. Our itinerary included a show, and it was Doc Severnson, the "band leader" from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. (I share the same hometown with Johnny Carson). The ladies were so excited about going to see Doc Severson. I was not so thrilled with the idea, but had agreed to go.

So we go into an aquamarine and pink diner for breakfast, and guess who comes in? Clarence Clemons, Bruce Springsteen's (btw, I can't stand Bruce) sax player. I called him Clarence Thomas and he got mad.

So in my dream, I am waiting to cut out from the "Red Hat Society" ladies and go dancing and drinking. I made the decision in the dream that it was too boring. The very moment when I decide to cut loose and have fun, I wake to the sound of Dash crying.

It is 3:30am, and he is awake for good.

Damn, just when I was "sooo money".

It has already been a very long morning.

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