Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I will take sprinkles on that.....

I had to pack up the children and ESCAPE today.

Besides my "chi" being off, they were driving me insane, and they know it. Some days I have great patience, others, not so good.

I was talking to this "mom-blogger" on the phone, and she was having a similar problem. However she was operating on ONE hour of sleep, due to a nasty case of croup.

I had about 6-7 hours sleep and my toddlers had way too much energy to be in the house.

So I referred to my list, and interrupted a game of "Beat the Crap out of Each other"....Many of you might be familiar with this game...And I put the brakes on it, and proceeded with THE .................

-bread store
-post office
-Pink Ninja needs birthday dress (no holiday dress!!)

I decide that this list is probably my way OUT. I was just tired of this discussion.

Me: "Get off that"

Me: "Get down from there"

Me: "Let go of his hair"

Me: "Did you bite her?"

Me: "Put those pillows back!"

Me: "Didn't I just make your bed?"

I will stop here, while I have your attention still. Some days I feel like "stop", is the only word I know.

Pink and Dash are usually great, but we have had rain for several days. (Dash HATES being wet worse than any feline). The back yard has some standing water in it, and for craft time here-we really ought to be building a arc out of poscicle sticks. Pink Ninja, on the other hand, would be completely thrilled with wet clothes and a plastic cup to pour dirty water from puddle into the back of a yellow Tonka truck.

So I manage to put on a little makeup, and a brown sweater, blue jeans. I give the tots a run-down of the list, and our stops. Dash must know where we are headed. He is no fan of surprises, so I always have to give him a run down of the places we will stop.

Dash "First stop Kohls."

-looking for a Christmas gift for my Sister from Pink Ninja and Dash. It is already snowing back home, and I can see her wrapped up in blanket after blanket on her cream sofa with blue flowers. So I decided Aunt Ne' needs a WARM fleecy pj thing from the toddlers. They have NOTHING of the sort. So I go to the toddlers section to see if the have "birthday dress". Nope, no "birthday" dresses, only "holiday".

I leave empty handed, the toddlers were fantastic.

Dash: "Second stop maul"

Elevator ride first thing, just to get it out of the way, otherwise they will "beg"
to for the next 30 minutes. I find the dress right away. A baby blue dress by the Feltman Brothers, light blue cotton, soft, with smocking across the chest, puffy sleeves, and a lace trimmed Peter Pan collar. A nice pretty party dress, very retro. She will look so sweet with her wispy blonde hair. She will also get to wear it to get her 2 year photos taken. Which she will love. Painless, although the pricetag on the tiny dress was shocking to me. These Feltman Brothers gotta be loaded....

Dash: "Third stop Bank"


Dash "Fourth stop Post Office"

Me: "No, you guys have been so good, I am going to get you a treat."

The Krispy Kreme, is right next to the bank. I go through the drive thru, and get each of them a donut with "sprinkles".

Silence................I look in the back of the truck to see both children, covered in sprinkles, and donut glaze. Eyes closed. Sleeping..............

I am not sure where Krispy Kreme buys their sprinkles, but I must find out.....

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