Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Correcting my Chi through retail therapy

Yesturday I was down in the "chi dumps", so I thought some retail therapy might be in order. After being alone for 4 days while DH was out hunting wild game, and consuming enough chocolate to reverse all of my hard pilates work within the first 24 hours, I could not buy jeans, or a skirt. Only boots would correct my sins. And since I have 2 toddlers, I opted to try and correct this with some "online shopping". I had been looking at thes boots for months....seriously. I was in love with them, in fact I used a picture of them for this post last week. Imagine my surprise when I recieved a e-mail from Spiegal notifying me that these boots were on SALE for a mere $47. Of course, you buy them.. they are gorgeous tall black leather boots, quilted leather on the sides. So I went ahead and bought them.

I was over at Bad Example this morning, and see this post by Harvey...and I think wha? I bought one pair of $47.00 dollar boots. I felt a little bad that Harvey was pointing out my "therapy" to his much larger readership. I am not a "retail slut". Please note that the SALE was 24 hours Harvey, I did not end the sale buy buying all of the boots.

However I did note this morning that they have this lovely pair up. I have nothing to wear with these. They look "almost dangerous"....what on Earth would "Martha Stewart" need these dangerous looking shoes for? Then I remember Aeon Flux, is opening in a short while, and these boots...would be PERFECT.

I guess my purchase yesturday did not correct my chi, as I had planned. So now I either have to buy another pair, or consume another bag of chocolate......crap.

********note to self*************************************

stop posting on this boot thing, it is sure to bring you weird google searches, and "shoe and boot freaks" is also boring your current readers.

go to the store today and get in a fight with a "bagger" or the "checkout gal", this would be a much more exciting post.....

When in doubt fight club

remember as a housewife, your adventures may need embellishment to prove interesting.

wear boots to the store and karate kick the produce guy...

gotta run, the bell on the wash machine went off.

hooo hummmmmmmmmmmmmm


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