Thursday, November 17, 2005

Marshmallow Mustache

Dash has been obsessed with "hot cocoa", since seeing and episode of Thomas The Tank Engine, in which "Jack Frost" makes an appearance, and the cold trains drink hot cocoa to warm up.

So he has been asking daily.

"can I have some hot cocoa please?"

I had been holding off because I was afraid that the cocoa might be a stimulant, and there is NO way, I was going to let a single cup of cocoa ruin my months of sleep scheduling.....NO way.... However, couple of nights ago I gave in, and made him "warm milk with ovaltine". I threw a few marshmallows on top, and presented it to him in one of my large white stoneware mugs.

He sat there sipping, and smiling. Making yum sounds, which are ...ohhh--MMM.

Pleased with himself, smiling and sipping. His eyes were saying "I just knew this was going to be delicious"....

Dear Husband and I were talking back and forth and giggling over how happy he seemed, how we wished a cup of cocoa could grant us such pleasure. All of that blonde hair, and marshmallow mustache, he needed a little ski sweater and he would look Norwegian.

He then says....."This is delectable"...

I so want this kids lines, we cracked up.......Where does he get this stuff.

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