Friday, November 25, 2005

Captain Caveman

Dearest Husband is out at "Deer Camp" for the next couple of days again. This time with his "Army Buddy", who was in Desert Storm with Dear Husband. So it is mens weekend out at the camp. The old Explorer was filled with real tree this and that, man stuff, food and drink.

I don't know if they are going out there to hunt or not, I know they both need some down time, and I think the woods are a great place to BE.....

So I am here alone at Casa De Dust, trying to keep the chocolate monkey off my back this round. I got my Christmas Music out today, and have only gotten as far as "A Charlie Brown Christmas" featuring Vince Guaraldi Trio. I love it, and the children enjoyed it too. We also managed to get the tree up in the corner. Now for the lights and ornaments.

As always the laundry procreates when I am not looking, and there are about 3 loads, and linens as well. Lots of play time in the back while the weather is still glorious and the skies are bright blue. I will miss yoga in the morning, but raking the leaves into a pile over and over again, could be exactly what I need. It will also keep me from getting into the chocolate.

Now I need to go pick out some movies, and finish my book.........

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