Sunday, November 27, 2005


So Dear Husband is off at Dear Camp with "Army Buddy", and I am here at Casa De Dust with Pink Ninja and Dash.

List of things to do over weekend scratched mostly.

Why? Well there is the rain, which by the way I love. I could watch it rain all day. The sound of it, the smell of it, the way it is a good excuse to sit in jammies all day, or stay in bed late. *cough* I don't mind walking in it, or being caught in it.

However with the Toddlers rain isn't so romantic. It has become my enemy. We are trapped in our little dollhouse of a home. No where to jump or run. When it stops raining, we will wander out of doors to a muddy and tempting mess, which is sure to lure the children into acting like Lord of The Flies. Painting themselves and everything in sight with mud.

With children I do believe it is a question of energy. Directing children's energy in a positive and useful, playful manner. Or maybe it is question of them directing my energy? Cleaning muddy children, cleaning muddy children's clothes, cleaning out a filthy tub it takes hours you know.

Oh, and the others reason plans were scratched???

Dash the Farmer woke at 2:57am on Saturday morning, for good. Poor ole Mom, had sleep deprivation, and age working against her all day.

I seriously need to send this kid a job. I wonder if Krispy Kreme is hiring? They would need help in the early morning, and they could pay him in those magic sprinkles.

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