Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Management Material

I am not a great morning person. Imagine that. I am an insomniac, have been as long as I can recall. However, once asleep I am OUT. One should not waken me, because I am not my best in the morning.

When the babies arrived I learned one can not growl when awakened. I was awakened a lot, breastfeeding requires one to be up almost every 3 hours Round The Clock. Something else happens when the babies arrive. Your sleep is disrupted by slight sounds in the night. You can hear EVERYTHING. So I have learned to live on about 5 broken hours of sleep. Probably not ideal.

This morning Dash was up at 5:00am. He was already bouncing off of the walls. No coffee, no milk, no fuel. He was already bouncing.

Dash: (jumping) "Did you sleep well?"

Me: (trying to open eyes)

Dash: "It is morning, I have to pee."

Me: (trying to open eyes)

Dash: "galloping to the bathroom."

Me: (eyes open looking at ceiling, recalling the last time I galloped anywhere)

Dash: (yelling from the bathroom) "I need new AA batteries in my Thomas, get up and go get the screwdriver."

Me: (roll out of bed, plod down the short hallway to the kitchen)

Dash: "Hurry up lady."

----Just when I thought I didn't "work" any longer......

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