Tuesday, November 29, 2005

For My Sister on Her Second Birthday

Well, my Sister turns 2 today, the good news is there are balloons and streamers everywhere, there are presents to be opened, oh and a fluffy white angel food cake just waiting to be eaten --frosting first. The bad news, all of the streamers and balloons are pink, the presents are not mine. (Although I have heard there is one measly package my Aunt sent...I don't know if one package will make up for this showering of gifts for Sissy.) The cake is off limits until after dinner, great. Now I must resort to walking by every few minutes and sticking my finger in the icing. Mom hates that, goes on and on about "ruining" the pretty cake. Well we are supposed to eat it right? Mom is a little crazy.

So My Sister turns 2 today. I am her big brother. I keep hearing that I am supposed to protect her, and teach her things, but frankly I have had it with her. She really takes this Pink Ninja thing too far. She usually is the aggressor, I am too busy reading and constructing cities to fight. She likes to fight. Today she hit me with a large plastic keyboard on my elbow. It really did smart. Mom automatically assumed I had it coming. I was really just sitting and reading I swear.

I like you Sissy, I just don't want to push the grocery cart, or hold your babies. I do not want to wear costumes, and twirl around with a wand. I just want you to leave me alone. I would also rather watch Thomas The Tank over Dora The explorer ....Any day. Thomas has a lot more friends, and he is blue.

So Happy Birthday I guess, and I hope you get something cool to play with so you leave my stuff alone.

Oh and I love you...

Mom made me write this letter...oh and Sissy please start looking into a different carrer. I never see want ads for Pink Ninjas, I hear the pay is not great, no 401k, and it is hard to find a life insurance policy ohhhh and they don't wear tutu's.

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