Friday, June 19, 2009

Painting the town barbeque sauce color

I got about 4 inches cut off, to straighten out what has been a series of bad haircuts. You cannot see the hair here, but so far I like. Wager in humidty.

Consuming sesame donuts from a Vietnamese stand. I tasted part of this. I thought I would never say, a WASTE of fried dough. Not sweet enough for my blooming body!

The place was packed!

We walked into the International festival, and were greeted with this...I have no idea what band they were, the music was not bad, but the mask dancing was weird, and made me laugh my ass off. It weirded out PN. I guess masks="international?"

This band was very cool, some sort of Irish Rock, very cool. The Young Dubliners

Our state capitol, it is very beautiful inside and out.

Pink Ninja enjoying another night out on the town

The Collective decided to EAT RIBS as the international food of choice! BWAH!


Allison said...

Perhaps the masked people were trying to make what was international into what was supernatural? Or implying if we found aliens in outter space they'd be fun at festivals, too?

Tammi said...

I LOVE the hair!! Love Love Love!!

Ellen said...

ooooh! Looks like fun, I love sampling all the food. The new hair looks cute!

Guard Wife said...

Your hair looks so cute!!!!

Sarah said...

Hey wait, is that what I think it is? A photo of the only unicameral legislature in the US?
(I lurve teh Green Beans.)

Rachelle Jones said...

Oh Sarah, Sarah, do you want to visit the capital when you come? Please say yes!! Also we will see if we can make it to a string beans show! Quilt museum? There is no knitting museum here