Friday, June 05, 2009

Set of Wings

It is early, and I have a house full of folks.

OK, not really only 3 extra folks...

But it is time to get moving.

I have a Pre-K graduation to prepare for, and the after party.

Celebrations for everything have become family affairs now since we are back amoungst family.

I have some things to do this morning. Pick up a cake, iron a pink dress, breakfast for 6.

Yesterday was SR's last day of school. His report card was impressive, particulary the reports from his mentors.

Summer has caught me off guard. We still have to sign up for swimming lessons. I am hoping they are not FULL. I have waited too long.

I am sure I will cry today, and of course I will take plenty of pictures. I might just get video as well.

Stay tuned.


Guard Wife said...

Enjoy your day!

I left my Flip video camera in my other bag so only still photos for me today. Hope the darn batteries aren't drained. Likely photos on my cell phone per usual. I suck.

Congrats to the Collective!!

Sarah said...

I know we said we would talk today, but you are busy busy. We can talk next week, no biggie.

Have fun today!!

Marc Miyake said...

I'm glad that you're among family for these major moments.

I didn't expect anything but the best from SR. And just think, he's got years of learning still ahead of him. So does PN! This is just the beginning for both of them.

Once the kids take swimming lessons, will you be visiting pools regularly?

After all this today, I wonder what you have in mind for the weekend.