Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Muslim convert, was under investigation by the FBI, and was targeting military

WE were stationed around Little Rock, and left last September. One of the main reasons we left was the violence. LR is ranked 23rd...

And after reading this....I am glad we left, my heart breaks for these families..

CBS has more here

UPDATE: Here is an interview with Daris Long, PVT William Long's Father. Keep these families in your prayers.

More video...prayers continue


Anonymous said...

And that's exactly the reason I do NOT travel in uniform. Too many nuts out there.

Biermann said...

That was really tough to watch.

Rest in Peace Pvt. William Long. My condolences to your family and friends, your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Thank You AWTM for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Throat constricted, eyes misted.

vet66 said...

After Viet Nam I thought we were all through with this nonsense. I still feel guilty for having been forced to remove my uniform before leaving base back in the late 60's at Travis AFB.

Thoughts and prayers to the families of these fine examples of American Patriotism. My heart breaks for this tragedy.

Sue said...

My heart is broken for this family. I pray that God's mercy and comfort will surround them, and lift the burden of their grief.

We all greive, that in this great country, such hateful acts can happen without one single word from our President. Shame on him, he brings shame to all of us who love this country.

Heartfelt thanks to all who have served, and who are serving now in places where cowards fear to tread.

Anonymous said...

I lost my son in Iraq 2.24.08. I heard the news and was devastated. I have been watching for the news services to alert the people of the country of what has happened. This is already page 9 news. It is so sad that an attack like this has happened to these fine young men. My heart and respects go out to the soldiers and their families. If any of the family would like to just talk to someone they can look me up and I'll listen to them.



vet66 said...

Politics make strange bedfellows. Consider the Berkeley recruiting station confrontations, Code Pink and home-grown terrorists targeting our military at home.

The newly empowered BHO who is now proud of his middle name, Hussein, as he reaches out to the Umma, some disturbing trends emerge. Add to that, BHO's failure to mention, much less condemn, the actions of the terrorist who committed this crime leaves us wondering where we stand as a nation.

That uncertainty, if left unspoken, will directly affect the elections in 2010. The biggest fear of the current administration is of the moderates of all parties vote them out despite attempts to steal the vote through proxies like ACORN, SEIU and lax immigration policies.

GC said...

God bless the Long family and yours too, AWTM.

My husband remembers walking in Washington DC with his Marine father as people on the street screamed terrible things at him after Vietnam. It should not happen again.

Please know that there are still people out here who appreciate the service and sacrifices of our military families.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and your family..... I am very upset that President Obama down played this very important issue.... I hope he pays for it.

Hollywood, CA

Anonymous said...

The urban myth about returning vets being called baby-killer does not bear repeating here. Let's not trivialize this tragedy by invoking a fake one.