Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is a post on the garden less than 20 days ago. Look how teeny everything was.

And now after rains, and storms, and several days where there have been heat advisories..

cucumbers, which I decided to throw a tomato trellis around, hoping that helps save spacem and aid in finding cucumbers. If the blossoms tell me anything, they tell me, BE prepared for a lot of cucumbers. There is also a cantelope, an acorn squash, a zuchinni, and a spinich in there. But frankly that cucumber vine is so massive, you cannot see the rest. The leaves are HUGE.

Various tomato plants, pepper plants, and green beans. The onions did not fair well. I think SR ate them.
WE have something blooming at all times, something to thank the previous owners for.
I cannot believe we went from what looked empty weeks ago, to so many flowers.


Stacy said...

Your yard and garden are beautiful. Wish I had the time and energy to make mine look that way.

liberal army wife said...

You have a lovely garden. the bones are great, and you are building on them so beautifully. LOVE the raised beds for the vegs.