Monday, June 15, 2009

I did not get choked out..

The trampoline is up! DH and I did not kill one another, which was a good thing, because the trampoline parts would have made hardcore weapons. Large metal hollow tubes.

We did not get the enclosure up. Far too time consuming to tackle at pert near dark in the rain.

Tomorrow morning, yoga at 9am, be there, or be unable to wear a swimsuit for the rest of my life. After, I promised The collective a swim, if I can move, it has been a while.

Procured DH's Father's Day gift. (Do not open the trunk, we did not wrap it yet)

I mailed a friend a book, forgot the netflix, and got bills mailed.

Registered the Collective for VBS.

While other children in the neighborhood are away at posh summer camps, I am operating some sort of enslavement camp for my kids. They are sure to write a book about me.

Came home and the three of us washed the deck.


Whitley and Tequila said...

"enslavement camp"--lolol
No, that is what I would call family bonding time, which by the way seems to be a dying art!!

Chuck said...

For the trampoline, go to the hardware store and pick up a sprinkler hose--the kind with holes all the way down it--and zip tie it to the top of the trampoline enclosure. Run a hose to the trampoline (make sure you start with the hose connector where you can reach it from the ground) and when the kids are bouncing and get hot, or just want to play in the H20, you're all set. My kids love it!

Also, the trampoline can be towed behind a riding mower to move it 'round the yard. I move mine to a new spot every time I mow.

Anonymous said...

... yay for ChoiceDek!....