Monday, June 08, 2009

Lincoln Safari

The Sunken Gardens, it was quite beautiful, and I actually managed to get some landscaping ideas there

Touring the Downtown Library, managed to get our summer reading packets, and Lincoln Safari information!

Today is the first Day I am realizing I no longer have to go to work. Unsure why it took a week for that to kick in but it did.

My sister is still here on her visit.

We have been touring town, and while out the other day, we managed to get our Lincoln Safari book, and map. This should be an interesting way to learn about the city, and learn to read a map.

I am unsure where today's destination will be. I am currently thinking about taking them to The University, we will see what the day brings.


Allison said...

Those are some cute pictures of the kids.

It took me about three weeks to realise I didn't have to go back to work. It's like everyday before that I treated like a weekend where I had to get everything done possible so that I'd be ready for work. But not working has been everything I could have hoped for. May your summer continue to be just as great.

Marc Miyake said...

Ooh, a university! They're great places to walk around. Maybe more so when they're emptied out during the summer.

I didn't visit the University of Hawaii at all until ninth grade when I got a library card there and had to do an art (analysis?) project involving the sculptures and paintings on campus.

Every day is an adventure. Enjoy it while you can, because they will grow up eventually.

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