Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday is manic...

Last evening we procurred a trampoline. If the rain ceases, DH and I should be able to assemble it, unless he decides to choke me out mid-process.

We are off to check things off of our list.

VBS sign up.

YMCA membership & swim lessons.

Father's Day gift purchase.

Mail bills, anniversary cards & Netflix.

Laundry, it never ceases.

I am sure there is more....

there is always more.

Happened across this wedding party while at my Father's this weekend...I have never seen an orange wedding dress, argyle, or cowboy hats all in one place. I was seriously in awe...


Marry Me Military said...

oh my gosh, is that wedding for real?! Thanks for the picture, it made me LOL.

vet66 said...

Orange and brown for the wedding party? I must have missed the memo! I think some of the bridesmaids are losing interest. LOL

Happiness to them!

BBB said...

some thoughts:

the bride looks gorgeous!
the dress colour is a bit much...
but i love how shes not traditional!!

why are the dresses not all matching?

why is the groom not standing next to the bride?

Bou said...

BBB- They have that now at places like David's, where you can pick a color, but the Bridesmaids can pick a dress that fits their body or style best.

There has to be something to this. I want the story. Very fun wedding... I so could not do it... but very fun.

Get the story behind this!!! Someone has to know them!

I think it has something to do with football... someone's favorite team or something.

Linda said...

I'm sorry, but that wedding party redefines the term fugly...and beyond.