Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chlorine, trampoline, trying to get lean

Went to my first yoga class in a while this morning.

First off very strange, I have always had mellow, mellow yoga instructors who were encouraging, but not "pushy". Well the new yoga instructor was ummm, very good at her craft, but SERIOUS about getting folks into strange positions. I could see folks looking scared, and not confidant. Which is strange. I made it through class which is huge. I had a problem holding a low plank for any extended amount of time. I also could not find my yoga mat anywhere, so I will need to search tomorrow. (I had to use a gross community mat. Skeeved me out.

Took the kids to the pool, as it was 80 degrees! Could summer be here by July? Let us hope so. The water was freezing and a lot of tots were turning a strange shade of gray.

Tried to get some sort of sun. Fail.

Came home and cleaned bathrooms. How they get so gross I have no idea.

Weeded a wheel barrow full of weeds, pulled grass from rock, edged, and tried to kill the aphids from my roses.

Now we are looking for a lost remote control...

It is indeed a glamerous life

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