Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She has no idea...

h/t XTNYoda


ptg said...

Thieves seldom want their victims to know what they did with the loot.

NY-David said...

Sorry, this is political grandstanding at its best. She's stonewalling the guy who's asking prescripted questions. He has no clue what the answer should be.

ptg said...

I thought that the point of asking questions was to get answers. If he knew what the answers "should be" there wouldn't be much point in asking.

Why would she "stonewall" any reasonable inquiry? She is a public servant in the most transparent administration ever, no?

Sorry right back at you, David.

Ivy said...

Unbelievable. Where did OUR money go? Tell us or step out of the way so someone can be accountable.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

more like you asking your mechanic why the car manufacturers charge so much for cars and where did the money go (not his job)... these were "when did you stop beating your wife?" kind of questions... grandstanding at its best -- and a total and absolute waste of taxpayer time and money!!

ptg said...

Maggie's drawers, SSM! She is supposed to know the answers to these questions. She's not removed from the inquiry like your lame mechanic analogy; its her job to know this stuff.

As for your second point, the questions asked of her are in no sense syntactically related to "when did you stop beating your wife?" queries. You can look up syntax.

Want to see a waste of taxpayer money? The answers asked in this video will be answered eventually; the truth will out.

As for the charge of grandstanding, did you watch the video? The room is nearly empty. The interview almost seems private. Some grandstand.

Apologists. They later they come to the party, the worse they look.

NY-David said...

Grandstanding happened because its on Youtube as well as other venues, including your fine site.
She clearly mentioned that the questions he was asking were not in her oversight. The better question would be, "Whom can I ask that is responsible and knows the answer". Having worked in governement service for two years now, I can well opine that its not easy to be both transparent and get a day's work done. Invite your friends and neighbors in the next time you go to the bathroom. Invite their insightful remarks about your techniques. Entertain their toilet paper suggestions, including a recommendation to use their friend's brand because "they know best". Do this while someone is knocking at the door and you want to finish in order to answer.
That roughly equates it.
Sorry if my reference was too detailed and thanks for the opportunity to respectfully debate on your site.