Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ouch, is that where I put those things..

I am skipping morning yoga, and will go tonight, as my abs are so sore. However I am thrilled I worked hard enough to find the darn things.

I found out the other day when entering the class, it is a "power yoga" class...which is different from regular ashtanga, which I have done. It is a class run by a former runner. So the class is different than I am used to.

I will stick with it, as the alternative is spin, zoomba, boot camp. Yeah no thanks. The music is loud in those classes, they say things like "come on!" No thanks. I do not like being yelled at while exercising. Some folks like it, I do not. I want quiet.

I hurt my shoulder the other day while doing push up #20, which made me feel like a wuss. They were weird pushups though. Butt in the air, arms close to sides no wide for triceps. I did not have my left arm lined up....ouch.

OK, anywho I am going to the 5pm yoga tonight instead of this morning. If I am going I do not want to fake it through class, and this morning I would not be FULL, and might as well not go.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could 20 push-ups. I'm lucky if I make it to ten. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Hot yoga? It is awesome! I was in better shape the last time I tried it, but gosh if I didn't find muscles that even with A&P--didn't know I had.