Monday, June 29, 2009

Mulberry hands

We spent Saturday evening, at a pot luck for DH's work in the country. It was so lovely to hear nothing, but laughter.

The Collective had a great time. PN of course wanted to adopt every animal on the place. I will have to break down soon and add another mammal to our tribe. As she just would sit, and pet, and hug, and follow anything with fur.

We found a mulberry tree while taking a walking adventure, and although I am sure the other Moms wanted to kill me by the end of the night, the kids had such fun picking, and eating mulberries. All of them were covered in dark purple stains...

SR picked an extra cup home, and we made mulberry pancakes. They were much better than even blueberry pancakes.

We have the day off, other than my normal housewifery. I am trying to help SR ride his bike sans training wheels. He really has no interest, so wish me luck.

all of the childrens hands were stained!


Stacy said...

She needs an animal really bad Mom.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

God gave us animals so that we could all learn to care for those who cannot protect themselves (and to give mothers more grey hair!!)

Jesa Christ said...

I miss mulberry days- and furry animals. Man, I'm on the the computer way too much:( You seem like such a fun family!

Harvey said...

mmm... mulberries.

Haven't found a tree around here yet. Used to have one a block from my house when I was growing up, and they were wonderful.