Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The list of random crap continues...

Must finish some laundry
pay $276 in taxes, and get new tags for car...geesh.
buy 9 volt battery for the new sensor lab for SR from G-ma.
find a screwdriver small enough for PN new baby doll from G-ma and cousin.
buy food for my roses, damn aphids. (My Father suggested dish soap mixed with water, which I did, but I waited too long)
get both kids a haircut
go to YMCA for yoga, and take kids swimming
wash beach towels
get salmon out of freezer
go through bills (AGAIN)
comb my hair


airforcewife said...

I find it hilarious that comb your hair is last on the list. :)

Rachelle Jones said...

AFW, it is humid, and with this fine, and frizzy mess, there is no point. I ended up slicking it back into a pony tail, hell it is gonna be a wet mess soon...

airforcewife said...

We totally share hair. Yesterday I nearly burst into tears when I tried to fix mine and the humidity ended up with total non-cooperation. I remembered why I hate summer - my hair is ugly the whole season.

Army of Mom said...

This sounds like my typical day! I feel for you.

bx19 said...

I agree with Dad, dish soap is really good against aphids. Trick is to get it on your roses before the aphids arrive. Once its there they won't come back!

Once a week should be enough.