Friday, February 15, 2008


PN and I are still hacking. My pneuumoia seems better, but the bronchitis has not improved due to some insane super virus, that makes us cough and cough and cough. The fatigue has passed as well, which means I managed to get 6 bags of leaves raked this week. Packing seemed to take a back seat as it is nice out, and PN is tired of watching me pack. So I raked, and pulled wild onions up, picked up about 100 sticks from my river birch tree. Damn tree.

Today we will spend the day packing for a trip to Nebraska, which is a brief but necesary visit. I need to stop and pick up The Collective some chewable dramamine, charge all tings electronic, and pack my camera.

I also am having to pack very snow and cold.....oye.

I am really looking forward to seeing family and I am hoping it recharges my batteries. I am hoping a visit, lifts my spirit, as I am a bit weary right now. It is sort of a matter of looking through the forest, and I am unable to see the trees. All I am seeing are a lot of leaves, and branches, and grass that needs to be mowed. Work, is what I am seeing right now. So I need to back up, and try having a different perspective.

In yoga news, well prepare yourselves for me to go back to position of the week, and some yoga discussion. I am enjoying class again soooo much. Yoga is really a good practice, and has been good for my body and my spirit. Strange how I could neglect something that makes me feel so good and so strong. In fact, I have a new goal for the year. I will be certified by the end of the year to teach a yoga level 2 class. It is doable indeed.

The blog may be black while I am on the road, it may not, one never knows.

Enjoy the weekend, I promise Spring is around the corner my daffodils are up and almost ready to bloom.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have a safe trip!