Monday, February 04, 2008

don't know why

I woke this morning, took the kids outside to load them up in the truck to note it was a balmy 68 degrees at 7:55am.

Odd. Humid, windy and warm.

No wonder we are sick, with crud.

It was 22 degrees a few days ago.

It is currently 74 degrees. Doors are flung open, heat turned off, and the darn down comforter looks ridiculous on my bed.

I guess Spring has sprung, and the weather looks blissfully warm for the next week!

I am going to try and get things packed, time is ticking. FAST. FAST.

I did not get much done over the weekend. Too many scheduled activities, and the refereeing took its toll.

Wish me luck.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This weather is crazy, isn't it? It's currently 72 here and it isn't even noon! Freaky!

Of course, they're saying well have highs in the 40s later on in the week. Bummer.