Wednesday, February 20, 2008


PN and I continue this coughing hacking virus...

it is really rough stuff.

Question of the day....

Do we build? Let me know if you have ever built a home, and what you you regret about the process.

I understand the pros....

But what about the cons...

On a side note, I let SR stay home from school today, as he was held up in a car for a few days. Why on Earth was this sounding like a good plan?


referee Mom

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Bon said...

AWTM, I just built a house in Florida a year ago and my house in Omaha is still for sale. I loved the building a house part, though you do spend one or two days at the "design center" picking out a zillion things big and small;doorknobs to tile and cupboards and counter tops and faucets..the list will boggle your mind.

My major problem with building was that money thing--when I was planning my house I literally had to create a spreadsheet with each and every option I was choosing. I'm practical, in a former life I was a renegade accountant, I have to do the numbers. It was good that I did the numbers--they ADD a substantial amount to the base price of your house. Short story-bear that in mind. What is included as "base" and what is an upgrade. (Please God let Midwestern builders be the same as most things in the Midwest--honest, sane and sensible.)

The other part of the story is that while having signed a contract to build a house at x price, to be delivered in x months...the bottom fell out of the housing market... So now I have a house worth a substantial amount less than what I paid to build it. Nearly enough that I considered walking away from the contract (I would have done better than break even). This might work in the reverse for you right now.

That's my two cents :)