Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I sound like my Mom,

my Grandma, my Aunt Peg, and Aunt Joan, and Aunt Janice....(Sort of Marge Simpson Sister sounding)

After coughing up very foulest of tasting sputum for the past 3 days, I am noting the vocal quality of my voice has changed. (Feel free to call if you do not believe me)

This is freaking fantastic, as I have 2 public speaking engagements soon.

I might bring my own translator, or The Collective's magna doodle!


Anonymous said...

I used to be prone to laryngitis and the best time was when my voice started coming back and I was told I sounded like Lauren Bacall. :)

Of course, the rest of the time it totally sucked. *hugs*.

Rachelle Jones said...


I do not have the good fortune of sounding sexy. I sound like Courtney love after a 3 day bender