Monday, April 23, 2007

Do what you can!

Andi posted the following at the Mil-Blogging Conference Site.

The wonderful Sandi Hammersley has suggested we do the following!

A Baby Shower at the MilBlog Conference?


If you're a frequent reader of milblogs, I'm sure you've heard of DJ Emery. If not, MaryAnn and Matt have background.

This weekend, while DJ was busy fighting for his life, his beautiful wife Leslie gave birth to their daughter, Carlee. The Emery family has a long road ahead of them. They face many challenging days. Milbloggers are going to welcome baby Carlee into this world by hosting the Mother of All Baby Showers (MOABS) at the MilBlog Conference.

Attendees of the MilBlog Conference are encouraged to bring a gift for baby Carlee to the cocktail reception on Friday evening, May 4. Feel free to throw in a gift for mom or dad, too. We'll have a designated table where you can place your gifts, and we'll be sure that the gifts are delivered to Leslie and DJ.

What a wonderful idea!!

We remain thoughtful here of this family, as they continue this journey as parents. We also continue to pray for this mans healing.

Sarah get to knitting more obscure animals!!

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