Thursday, April 26, 2007

this is my blog and I am going to piss and moan.

Apologies for my whinefest.

I was awakened this morning by Sir Rowland at 4:50am. Mind you I even kept The collective up until about 8:15 before being put to bed, to ensure I could sleep until at least 6:45am. I was exhausted last night. Just beat from coughing all day. I am suprised I have not coughed up an ovary yet.

No way, he wakes me at 4:50 lights on, playing with his Rokenbok, and fussing out of frustration because he does not have the engineering capability of a 27 year old with a Phd. I have no idea how long he had been up. I will find out at some point today, when he is sooo inexplicably tired that he is beyond repair.

Today is packing day. Clean out fridge day, make things as nice as you can before leaving day.

I need to clean out the truck, charge all items that need to be charged for the trip. Phones, handheld games, computer, etc.

I embark tommorow morning for Fort Benning, GA. DH cannot wait to see The Collective, and they him. I think the drive is about 10 hours give or take 2 depending on traffic etc.

Prayers as always folks for safe travel, and healing.

I am sure to feel better in a couple of days!

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