Thursday, April 12, 2007

Still can't find my USB thingy for my camera...

But progress is progress.

Today is a better day.

Last night we had prayer meeting at church, and I spoke with the principal, and Sir Rowlands "to be" teacher. It is settled. He will be going to the academy. Nice ladies, nice families. Kind ladies. Real ladies, practical ladies. Both took time to speak with me after working all day, and being at church all day. That says something to me. all is well, they find Sir Rowland charming. I hope that sticks.

I did manage to get tires rotated, oil changed, transmission flushed today.

I went and picked up hard copies of The Collective's Easter photo.

I went to excercise class, hoping we would have pilates, or was a cardio, ball, gliders, and weights circut thingy. It killed me. It did. I felt like a major league wussy. Especially after however long without getting to the gym. (It is noticable I have been drinking regular coke, and sitting on my but for thousands of miles.


The sky is the bluest of blues.

The birds are singing.

The wind is blowing.

Butterflies are floating.

My 3 trees are cut down. Sir Rowland counted the rings on the pine that had beetles. She was 37 years old....poor thing.

My yard in back is mowed short, and most of the leaves are gone.

My gut wants me to dig and weed and plant. However I will be gone again for quite some time. SO I will wait until I get home.

The white climbing rose I planted for my Mother below my kitchen window is thriving, and should blossem before the anniversary of her passing.

the white iris up front are blooming.

The Crepe Myrtles got tips frozen the other night. I was not aware they were so frail, these wild things that want to take over my yard.

It is another day, and The Collective are under the bog oak out back digging holes.

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