Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Done living a lie and paying for it...or the root of all evil

In 2 days I am throwing in the towel, for real this time, at least for a while.

The caramel hair, is simply too much to maintain. Too much.

I am going back to my roots.

Enough is enough (For now anyway).

Despite what color my hair is...1) I am not getting any younger. 2) It is so expensive to maintain 3) there is never a sitter when I need one, so I can maintain the faux look. 4) DH is not even here to enjoy it anyway, and will not be for some time. 5) The Collective do not care. 6) I am tired of looking at roots in the mirror.

I am sure being a brunette has to be better than being a poorly maintained blonde, although I am sure someone ou there loves the look.

There is this problem though.....

I have no idea, other than by staring at my roots, what my REAL hair color is anymore.

16 years ago, when we got married it was medium brown brown, and with each pregnancy my hair turned darker and darker. I think it is almost black now. Oh and there are a few stray gray *coughing bullshit* hairs popping up on the crown. (Which I pull out as soon as I spot them.)

So Friday, new hair. which will be shocking. I think I have been trying this for about 3 years. Enough is enough.

My hair could use the break. Besides, what i the worst thing that could go wrong, I could show up at the mil-blogging conference, and SpouseBuzz events looking very "goth"....

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