Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Elvis has NOT left the building

Since living down South, I can honestly say there are some things that are no longer a surprise.

Several years ago before moving South, my DH and I went to Graceland. I can certainly say that I saw several people emulating Elvis. Which at Graceland is sort of expected i suppose. It was odd, but after all we are talking about Elvis.

I will say this, living in the Mid-South, not far from Memphis means.....

EVERYTIME I go to a truckstop, gas station, or Walmart I see someone emulating Elvis. Normally it is the trucker glasses, black dyed bouffant greased back do. Sometimes, it is a jacket, or an entire outfit. I am not kidding here either. I am DEAD SERIOUS. Oh and if you go to a State Fair, or some other public gathering there are sure to be at least 6.

It is just weird. What is even stranger, is the fact tht no one ever seems to acknowledge these folks. I have never EVER seen anyone go up to any of these men and say "Hey you sort of look like Elvis", or "You do not look like Elvis, who are you kidding?". '

In the Mid south, it is NORMAL.....

And sometimes the women are coiffed to look like Cilla!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, what is up with that? I know around here they're always having Elvis impersonators at various and sundry events. And they're not even GOOD ones! They're so bad. Sorry, folks, that's not flattery! That's insulting, IMO.