Friday, April 13, 2007

16 years ago today.....

1 week after we were married. Dear Husband had just returned home from Desert Storm. 16 years ago. Very young and very tired. We were at Dear husbands Grandmas house. I could look at this photo all day.

Every time my DH called this week he would ask...."So do you remember what you were doing 16 years ago today?"

It seems as though some of the memories have melded together. When did he take me to buy my shoes? Did I attend University all week?

I cannot recall most of that now. Funny, I thought I would not forget that week.

I remember meeting him at the airport, I remember what he was wearing. He had just returned from a deployment with the 82nd Airborne. He was soooo thin. And I do recall that joy I felt when seeing him. I felt such joy my heart GREW, I swear I could feel it swell in my chest.

I remember our first moment alone was in an elevator.

I do not remember the drive from Omaha to Lincoln.

I do remember you pulling a ring out of your pocket and placing it on my hand.

I remember the rain.

A penny in my shoe.

The ceremony was 20 minutes.

And in 16 years so much has happenned.

We have worked jobs and put one another through college.

We traveled a bit.

We have spent many hours with family and friends.

We have lost many people we have loved so much.

We have compromised often.

We have argued very little.

And when people come over and look at out wedding picture on the mantel, and say "Who are these people?" We both laugh.

So today I thank God I miss you, and I am glad my heart aches for you........


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, and may your 32nd be filled with even more including a fond look back at this day.


Anonymous said...

Late, but a heartfelt Congratulations! Hope you have many, many more and that those feelings just continue to grow.