Saturday, April 14, 2007


*how Sir Rowland is pronouncing Salary.

While at Fort Benning. The collective acquired "game boys" from Daddy.

Sir Rowland is currently intrigued about the game of Life.

Sir Rowland: "Mom, do I want to start a carrer, or go to college?"

AWTM: "Go to college."

Sir Rowland: " But Mom, I do not want to be broke."

AWTM: "Ha, that is college alright, but it is fun."

Sir Rowland: "Mom, there is more to life than fun."

AWTM: "Like what?"

Sir Rowland: "Like money."

AWTM: "great."


Anonymous said...

Well, if he goes to college, he can probably get a better paying job and therefore make more money. :)

Anonymous said...

What Tori said, but since he is so logical, show him the salary of a garbage collector with no college and an engineer with college.