Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meet Pukey the squirrel

* the following is just plain gross, sorry*

The other day, we had the good fortune of nice weather, sunshine, no rain. Which is uncommon in these parts this time of year. So We spent the ENTIRE day basking in the rays of sun. I even insisted we eat our lunch out of doors.

Sir Rowland ate too many peanut butter and apple jelly sandwiches, and did not chew properly, so he puked on the patio. Not once but three times. Nice.

So when the sun started setting and it was dinner Pink Ninja, Sir Rowland and I headed into the house to begin our routine. And when we sat at the dinner table we were entertained by a local squirrel, who did me the great favor of cleaning up Sir Rowlands mess. (I know, I know, pretty gross. However as an LPN, I wasn't really grossed out, and The Collective were intrigued.) Sir Rowland even made a comment about his food being recycled.

Well, the squirrel has been back about every 3 hours since that time, looking for more food.

It seems as though we have a new pet. The Collective have named him Pukey. I am unsure if "he" is actually a he, but I refuse to think a female would have such horrid table manners.

So we now have a "pet" of sorts. Pukey is getting fat on apple cores, leftover biscuts and the like. No vet bills, plenty of replacements if I run him over, and no waking to take him out to do his business.

Pukey is also a clepto and has taken to trying to steal the finch's food.

Pictures are sure to follow....

*P.S. I also know the song has nothing to do with squirrels or puke. But the Shins are keeping me company this week.....great voice*

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