Friday, April 20, 2007

I am insane....

So I am awake, and can't seem to get to sleep.

I am worried about my hair. My hair....of all things. On a planet where there is famine, a war, and evil. I am awake worried about becoming a brunette in the monring. That is ridiculous.

Just when I think I am deep.

Shit...embarrassing to admit.


I will say this.

There are few things in my life I have control over. I mean honest control over...

My hair is one of the only things I get to pick. WOW!

I guess we will see if I have the guts to do it or not.

Right now, if I was a gambling man, I would place my bets on me walking out "the same"...


I am also up, because Pink Ninja has a spring cold. Poor thing.

We ran out of tissue tonight. Poor kid. She does not want to use toilet tissue, "because it is for butts."

I am surprised she cannot smile her sickness away!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the picture!

*hugs* to PInk Ninja over her cold. Spring/summer colds always seem so much worse than one in the winter.