Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Georgia, really love your peaches want to shake your tree

The Colletive were up late last night. Imagine that. They were up until 11pm. I guess all of that energy from "my driving", and "my unloading", etc. did not tucker them out. Sitting for 10 plus hours is not exhausting, when you are small. Even if you argue 8 of them. It is exhausting if you are the Mom, and you drive it, and referee, sing, point out cows, funny town names, antique cars, signs etc.

I did note this morning, upon my inspection of the lawn that it had been mowed. The neighbor across the street took pity on us. I did go to thank him and tried to pay him for his trouble. He refused. He also let The Collective fill his bird feeders. The birds should be fat and happy.

It is 87 degrees here, so I took bags of The collectives used clothing to the neighbors, in hopes it will fit this summer.

I did spend the morning on the phone calling a lawn service, a tree service, the tax man, my salon. I had to go to the Post Office and pick up held mail, and must make out bills ASAP.

I am doubtful that I can get into the salon. So I will show up at Fort Benning looking like a hooker with 1/2 inch of roots showing.

I also had to run and get an Atlas, as I cannot find mine. And I did not need one on this trip, I have made the trip to Nebraska many times.

However my upcoming trip to Georgia in less than 72 hours is a different story. I think Sir Rowland has the Atlas someplace.

Wish me luck. There is plenty to do. I also ate to much while in Nebraska and am unsure if my Easter suit will fit. I certainly do not want to show up looking like a hooker with 1/2 inch of roots and an ill fitting suit.

Blogging will continue to be odd nad light.

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