Wednesday, April 25, 2007

To the Dr. AGAIN

OK, So I am taking The Collective this morning.

Sir Rowland sounds ok. A cough, a little sick.

Pink Ninja however, seems a little under the weather, and even with her quick to heal child response, is SLOW healing. I am guessing she may be headed down the pneumonia path as well.

crossing fingers...

I have 48 hours to pack( for a month) , clean truck, empty fridge, laundry, etc. And then it is off to Fort Benning. DH rented a cabin on post, so I can rest, heck so we can all rest quietly. That should be nice.

And then it is off to North Carolina to see Granny, who wishes we were there a month ago already.

Please say a prayer that we are all on the way to healing. Nothing says fun, like a cross country trip with a truck load of people with pneumonia!

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