Saturday, April 14, 2007

All In The Family

The "news" or "leaks" of extensions this past week has been a hard pill for the military community to swallow. But guess what, everyone continues to do their job.

I have been on the recieving end of this sort of news several times now, since this war began. In fact the Spokesperson of the Pentagon "leaked" the information on one ocassion. This led to mass confusion here in the State, and instead of my DH being able to do his job, my DH got to work only to find the phone ringing off of the hook on a Monday at 6:00am. And spent about 1 week fielding calls from Guardsmen, Wives, Mothers, Fathers, Employers, and the like, some of those in tears.

We, as a military community, have taken this news in stride I think. I think we have handeled it well.

I will say this.

It does hurt to recieve such news from an "outsider, the MSM, a phonecall, a neighbor, a Spokesperson". It just does.

I think it is a disrespectful gesture to our military families, and service members.

We are willing to do what it takes, but at least allow these men and women to tell families as they see fit.

To me it is a question of respect and honor.

The MSM, already thinks our service members are barbaric, and has even gone as far as calling them "mercinaries".

I am guessing most military families are like my own.

We want to be treated with respect. Our Husbands and Wives are doing an honorable job.

We want fair benifits, we want our widows to be treated respectfully, and with tenderness. We want our warriors to be able to fight this fight with proper equipment, and with both hands. We do not want them to be used as pawns in a political battle, only to get to the battlefield with one or both hands tied behind they're backs. If you want to know how to fight this war, do not ask some politician, ask those who are doing the fighting.

MSM, stick with what you know, Rosie, Imus, Anna Nicole Smith, Saint Angelina Joile, and Freaking George loony, and the rest of the salacious crap that you call news that is used to entertain the masses.

Do not feel as if you need to inform us about looming deployments, extensions and the like.

Because you aren't very good at that either.

Oh and to the "person" responsible for the "leak". I honestly hope you will come to understand the pain, tears, arguments you may have caused. The tearful phonecalls that had to take place, instead of our men and women being able to do the job at hand.


Anonymous said...

"Rosie, Imus, Anna Nicole Smith, Saint Angelina Joile, and Freaking George loony," are the MSM?

You're kidding of course, right? btw, that list should also include the likes of O'Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh, to name a few.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are a stupid twit. If you had one ounce of reading comprehension you would know that the poster wasn't saying that Rosie and the rest were the MSM, but rather that is what the MSM should be covering instead of causing pain to those that have loved ones deployed.

Do everyone a favor and go troll elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

OIFVet, let me get this straight. the media shouldn't be covering the extension of troop commitments and instead should be covering what's going on in celebrityville?

Wow, Americans are already by far an ignorant bunch.. and you're advocating for even more. Instead the MSM should ignore what is going on in Iraq. It's not the MSM that has created such miserable conditions for the troops, buddy.

Now who's the twit?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (if indeed that IS your real name!),

You are.

Go away. You're annoying people.

Anonymous said...

Once again, reading comprehension for the loss. The MSM callously used leaked information. The Pentagon had made plans to announce the extensions 2 days after the leak in order to inform commanders on the ground and to have time to inform the FSGs.

Of course the media should cover the extension, but they shouldn't have or report on information before people's whose lives are affected have the information.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts. I was almost as pissed as the time CNN showed the Jihadi sniper death porn. Not pissed about the extensions mind you. The fact units know they have 15 months in the box enables them to plan for it, a good thing. The leak itself, giving the MSM preferential treatment - no bueno.

Please please please spell check and proof read! They're and their are two different words. Their means someone possesses something, ie, that is their car. They're means a group of people is something, ie, they're stupid.

MaryAnn said...

This has been devastating to so many families - once again.

I truly cannot comprehend what would motivate someone to leak this type of information.

In the big scheme of things it's not exactly a huge news scoop (see "once again"). And if the leaker was operating on the principle "people need to know", why not allow those affected to be informed first?

I just don't get it. It can only be mean-spirited callousness, and nothing else.

He/she made a couple of little girls I care about very much cry, and that's not something I'm willing to forget or forgive.

Anonymous said...

Of course the MSM would leak the information early.

They have chose sides in this conflict long ago, and that side wasn't ours.

Any possible way they can erode the morale of our troops and get away with is one they will use in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Most leaks are authorized by the government as alternative ways to release information.

DOesn't sound like the case here, but worth considering. In any case, to suggest the corporate media withhold newsworthy information from the public seems a worse cure than the disease.

Anonymous said...

I am a photojournalist with a large newspaper and I'm also an army veteran. My son is in the infantry and I couldn't be prouder. I have absolutely no interest in who sired Anna Nichole's baby, but I do care deeply for our troops. Sometimes those you think are the "enemy" have more in common with you than you realize.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a big load of propos this site is.... My son can do a better job at lying online since every BS lietoid can be discounted by accredited and verifiable sources. This is just another right-wing agenda mill for the Bush sheeple.

And to have some of these respsonses supposedly made by active military personnel is attrocious and unamerican.

Boy, how far the Neocons will go to Stay the Course.....

Anonymous said...

I have an ex friend who is as big a rat as you are. When I see him I'm going to call him what he is, a coward and a traitor.
You are one also.

BlackFive said...

You know you've hit the big time when various and assorted annonymous @$$hats show up to accuse you of being a shill for BushCo.

This is a great post. Keep up the great work.

Butterfly Wife said...

I hope the nastiness doesn't get to you, AWTM. Us girls are behind you.

Marieanne said...

Excellent post, AWTM. You have my admiration, respect, and support.

CShack said...

Bravo! I enjoy your blog immensely, and I couldn't agree more with your sentiments on this subject.