Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The imitrex saved me today. I did spend the rest of the day with nasea, a dry mouth, and a feeling of being rung out. No headache though. However, it did cause a small setback. I will definately have to kick it into gear tommorow.

Not a huge day, but need some time to prepare for my first podcast interview!! How fun is that? I will be talking to relationship expert Dr. Andrew McAllister. Dr. Andrew will answer a couple of e-mails I have gotten. Wish me luck. Still trying to figure out audacity and the conversion of files from WAV to MP3. I will let you know when it is up.

We also must get to work on our Valentines Day boxes, and Valentines Day cards.

On a good note. DH and I have a date this week!! A dance of all things. A dance, supposed dress is semi-formal. (Which is currently being clarified. This could mean, my good realtree. We are in Arkansas.)

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Anonymous said...

Well Valentines Day is surely upon us...and it's time for all to get hold of the gifts and start preparing for the grand day...well hey for some really cool resources for Valentines Day do drop by my blog and wish all your friends on this day!!!