Monday, February 19, 2007

I am in love with a liar or why I lurve Ann Taylor!

Saturday evening, we dropped in at the maul. Something we never do. I cannot recall the last time I went, it is in the blog. I rarely need clothing. I used to have a lot of clothing, and then well, life happened, stopped smoking, had babies, I gained weight, and sizes. So all of my classic clothing had to be replaced. They were replaced with clothing to camoflauge my body. I used to LOVE to shop, loved it. I have not been keen on shopping since I have given birth. It is hard to dress my new frame. It has effected me tremendously.

I have been working out for the last 2-3 years. Yoga, pilates, weights, walking, I rarely indulge in any snack food, we rarely go out to eat. And well the weight, I have no idea, I have not weighed myself since a laproscopy procedure last summer. Some of my clothes are too big, some still too snug. I have not "dieted". I like to eat, I have had to change the timing of evening meals, and watch my snacking. I LOVE FOOD, I am a good cook, and I will not go without. It is not right, or fair. I have had to learn to modify. (you see, I used to be able to eat and eat and was always underweight, so this has been hard for me)

So I went to Ann Taylor the other day, just to look, just to browse.

DH: "go try it on, I will watch the kids"

AWTM: "uhhhh, I am not in the mood."

DH: "oh go try it on, you need someting new anyway."

AWTM: "OK, gathering an arms worth of things."

For the last 3 years, I have learned to take 2 sizes of everything in the dressing room with me. This is so I do not have to tell the sales lady..."could you get this for me in a size larger, a size --?"

Anyway, guess what I got to do at Ann Taylor?

I walked out in the smaller black skirt to hear the sales lady, and DH tell me how the skirt was too big.

I got to go down a size.

The sales lady said this "let me go find that in a smaller size". And it fit, and I had room.

I stood in the doorway to the dressing room, and I swear I heard applause, and I saw the heavens open, and I felt a warm beam of light cover me. For a moment I was very proud. It was good incentive for me.

I do not care if Ann Taylor does not use TRUE SIZING. I do not care if the sizes are bigger than a true size. Because 2 years ago when my Sister and I were in Memphis, I had trouble fitting into anything in there and looking nice.

Having a simple black skirt fit on a random Saturday, made me smile.

I didn't even buy it, I walked out empty handed.

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