Saturday, February 03, 2007

Humility comes in heaps or Why I love foundation

*The following conversation took place all while I am zipping The Collectives coats*

(A too close photo of me as proof)

Pink Ninja: "Aww dhose pimpoos aww ovah youw face?"

AWTM: "Uh, no those 2 things are pimples, the rest of those things are moles."

Pink Ninja: "Dhose aww ugly."

AWTM: "Yeah, they are, and thanks."

Pink Ninja: "youw Wewcome."

(The Collective now start taking inventory of all of my freckles and moles, counting them aloud.)

Sir Rowland: "Mom, they really are ugly, you would be prettier without them."

AWTM: "I am guessing you will probably get them too, you already have freckles on your nose, and I think yours are cute."

Sir Rowland: "I hope not, they are distracting."

AWTM: "Thanks buddy, I think it is time to go outside."

I am really considering wearing foundation around the house.

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Anonymous said...

yaa, a couple of weeks ago when I was dropping Tot off at preschool... he said in a loud voice, "Mommy, you have a booboo on your chin". Everyone looked. It was a pimple. Sigh...