Saturday, February 10, 2007

out of gas...

Almost every bit of laundry is done, some hamburger has "make me into a meatloaf" written all over it.

I will bathe The Collective early tonight, and have found a sitter.

Can I tell you I am just pooped out, tired. (Part of me loves being this tired.) As an insomniac, I love being tired. The only time I have slept decent in my life that I can recall.

-when I was pregnant
-when I had laproscopic surgery this past summer
-when I am sick

otherwise I do not sleep well.

I have decided against a cocktail dress, since I am really unsure what others will be wearing.

I am wearing a white cotton wrap blouse, and either black wide wool crepe trousers, or a black chiffon a line skirt. Pearls. Done. If I get bored, I will look like wait staff, and can clear tables.

I must get motivated to get my shirt pressed, it is a doozy, French cuffs, and 100% cotton. It really is a nightmare to iron.

*take to cleaners next time I need it.

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