Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tis the measure...

I guess the cleaning fairies took some time off while I was down and out with the monster flu of 2007. Whodda thunk?

So I come out of my stupor this morning, with that awful Motherly obssesive compulsive need to have everything DONE NOW! I hate when I do that, I can hear my own Mother's voice echoing in the recesses of my childhood brain. UGGHHHH.....so in walks the voice of reason..

Fairy: You cannot get it all done today my dear. It will be here tomorrow, and the day after, and the next day (*giggle* snort*ha*) It will be here for eternity luv. So just take one thing at a time. What is driving you the craziest?

AWTM: All of it. The toys strewn about, the unloaded dishwasher.....ughhhh....

Fairy: Well get to it darling, and stop being so fussy about it, it is what you do. You are a Housewife, smile!

AWTM: I know, but for a moment I would like it all done at one time.

Fairy: *teee heee hhhe hheee*
It is Motherly illness this OCD.

Thank God I am feeling better, otherwise this compulsiveness would drive me to the edges of insanity.

I did manage to make Valentine Cookies with the Collective this morning. (I used to much almond extract for my liking. There are about 36 cookies frosted with light pink icing to prove I am no scrooge, and to give them something to remember.

I am off to finish a couple of things up.

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