Thursday, February 01, 2007

Welcome to Pussville

I grew up in Nebraska. It gets cold there, it is windy year round. It is flat, there are few trees it is the great plains. Nebraska has a history of blizzards. When you are from Nebraska, winter is not novelty. It is what you "used" to spend the Spring, Summer, and Fall months preparing for. I grew up wearing coats, mittens, boots. I do not think I ever owned a snowsuit. And I do not recall being cold as a youth. We would play in the snow build forts, dig tunnels. The mittens would get wet, and you would throw them into a pile with all of the other wet mittens. Thinking about that at this moment almost makes my hands ache. We would play out of doors for hours, and I am not exagerating. Hours in the wind and snow.

So the snow started falling here today at about 3-ish. DH is out of town on business. (yes again). I did not think much of the snow, there was not much of it. Tonight, I flipped through the channels after The collective were in bed and I heard all sorts of emergency warnings. SNOW-COLD-ICE-SLEET.

Tommorow was supposed to be gym day, commissary, and a hair appointment. Yeah, not going to happen.

You see, we live in the Mid south, it makes no sense for these people to own a fleet of snowplows, and service trucks.

I will not leave the house when conditions are icy. It is really dangerous. There is really no driving on ice. I grew up driving on "slick", snowy roads. I also grew up learning how to drive on loose gravel county roads. I have fairly decent driving skills. But ICE, especially when there are no removal, or gravel trucks, or chemical being put down, in a city where cold is a novelty. And no one knows how to drive in "weather" Dangerous. I am staying put. So I called a neighbor to watch The Collective while I ran to the Kroeger down the road. Even in my big Ford F150in a 4 WD was a slick and icy ride.

So we are staying here tommorow. I am putting a pot of chilli on, and we are going to make oatmeal raisin cookies.

It is FREEZING out to me. It is 26, 20 with the wind. COLD. After about 6-7 years I am climatized to warm weather, and a fair winter. My boday has given in to it. I officially loathe cold weather. There is no point in freezing to me. It is silly. DH still loves the winter. Me, I want the thermostat on 70, I want my down comforter on my bed. I want an afghan on the sofa.

My DH loves the winter, does not mind the cold temps. Must be the Austrian in him. He even is still riding his bike to work. 27 degrees on a motorcylcle? Do you have any idea how COLD that is? BRR....

The other day he pulled up to a pump, and the guy putting gas in his truck said to my DH who was filling his motorcycle tank. "Man how can you stand to ride in the cold?" DH replied, "well first, you have to stop being such a pussy."

Well DH, I am FREEZING. My relatives back home will be embarassed to hear I can no longer stand winter.

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