Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I refuse to believe...

the old saying "When Mommas not happy, no one is happy".

Day one of illness. I woke at 7:23 to find The Collective dining in the middle of the livingroom rug, they were sitting in the middle of the rug watching cartoons. Pink Ninja dining on a sucker. Sir Rowland dining on a !/4 loaf of garlic bread.

No I am not kidding. 1/4 of a loaf.

I schlepped into the livingroom to see them, all smiles, Sir Rowland gnawing off bites of pure garlicy goodness, and Pink Ninja emjoying her sugary confection.

You should have seen they're faces when they finally realized I was in the room.

I went ahead and let them finish what they had started, in fact I didn't even say a word. I figured it served me right for not being up at 6:00am with breakfast on the table.

If you sniff Sir Rowland long enough, I swear he still smells like garlic.

And yes, he ate the entire 1/4 loaf.

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