Tuesday, February 27, 2007

and He was listening

We are safe. I have received many e-mails from people asking if Casa De Dust was wiped out by one of the tornado's that struck Arkansas the other evening. I appreciate your prayers and well wishes, we are safe. We were lucky enough to deal with thunderstorms, 3 power outages, and a little wind. Although those in the area of Dumas, are in need of prayer. The town was devastated.

The week was busy and a long one to be sure.

As many of you know from reading the blog, you will find that we have been looking for a church for our family. I actually have not been detailed about it, because it is a very personal experience for all people. We are Christian, despite my foul language, and not being the best example of a Christian. My Husband and I have been brought up in very different faiths, but are respectful of one another opinions and journeys. And although we include prayer, and other Christian practices in our home I felt it was time to introduce The Collective to building a foundation of faith that involved regular church attendance. Plus, I do love attending church, and having a church family. I want to provide my children with a similar experience, and hope they find comfort and strength in Christ. This current church provides our family with 3 opportunities to attend church on Sunday. If we miss Sunday, we can go Monday. They not only have Sunday School, but Children's Church. A special church service designed for children. It is wonderful, and The Collective are enjoying it immensely. There is even a 3 year old choir for Pink Ninja to join. I am pleased that this Church has not forgotten anyone.

Well, we have been lucky enough to find a a church that we agree on, and that is comfortable for us. I am sooo pleased. The Pastor has been of great service to us, and we enjoy him and his services. Upon his visit, we found out he is a Vietnam Veteran and served in the Marines, he also volunteers as a Chaplain to the Sheriff Department. His service to his community and Nation, was an added bonus to our family.

Upon the Pastor's visit, Sir Rowland came into the room, with all of his precociousness. And when the Pastor asked what grade Sir Rowland would be attending my heart sank. You see, I have been searching high and low for a school for this kid. Due to our current financial situation, it was looking like our local public school, which is a fine school, one of the best schools in the state. However, we are not talking about your average 5 year old. I do not like the way a couple of things are done there, and it is just not the place for Sir Rowland at this time. (remember, this is the kid who requested to leave a circus, because of the smell and noise. Also remember this is the kids, that could sight read some words before he was 2). The decision of school, was wweighing heavily on my heart.

The Pastor sat on my sofa, looked at me smiling, and said...

Pastor: "Did you know the church has an academy?"

AWTM: "no."

The Pastor tells me about the academy, 15 students per class, small rooms, individualized learning. The children are tested, and start where they need to in each subject. Each student is given opportunity to learn at his or her own pace. It is private, and there is a cost involved, but we can apply for assistance.

I visited the academy, it was quiet, relaxed, Teachers, Principal, and students looked happy. Sir Rowland liked it very much. It is the perfect place for him.

Sometimes we are at the right place at the right time, and it is no accident.

My heart is lighter, and Sor Rowland and I can hardly wait for the school year to begin.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you got to visit it and it was as nice as the Pastor had described it.

Anonymous said...

glad you're all okay.