Thursday, February 15, 2007


Yesterday, Pink Ninja woke thrilled to know it was Valentine's Day. Thrilled. She picked out an outfit for herself, which consisted of a red shirt, blue jeans, red and white socks, a belt with hearts on it. She insisted Sir Rowland and I also dress for the day. So we all had to have red on before she let us leave the house.

We spent the day painting hearts. Sir Rowland able to write I love you, and his name. Pink Ninja scrolling her name in scribble. We ate the cookies we made the day before, and went to the library to get special books about Valentine's Day.

Holidays are important to us, particulary in this day. When you are unsure when you will be able to celebrate the day as a family. I also simply love Holidays, and think of each of them as a way of marking time, and spending the day differently than we normally might. So I prepared a small fest of grilled meat, and champagne. Tokens of love exchanged. And kisses as well. I love Valentines Day, and the chocolate isn't bad either...

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