Saturday, February 10, 2007

What do you think this place is? A Hotel?

The Ladies of Casa De Dust remain under the weather, which means the Casa is dustier than EVER. OYE.

Days of AWTM, sick and held up with a tissue box in one hand, the exotic odor of vicks vapo rub wafting behind me, sniffing and snorting endlessly seem to have no direct end in sight. The good news is today I have mustured enough energy to tackle laundry. I also can bend and pick up things off of the floor.

I must prepare myself for this evenings Valentines Dance. I really must go, since DH took command, I have not met as many people as I would like. Thank God for Day Quil. The good news for DH, he has a built in designated driver tonight, so if he wishes to participate in a toast he can.

Wish me luck, I must go get to work, 3 days of house neglect sure adds up.

It appears as though The Collective might have been staging a coup of sorts.

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